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Hawaii Superferry

Eco-friendly Features

Energy Efficient

Discovering new ways to improve energy efficiency is a matter of survival for the transportation and shipping industries, and a key factor in the future health of our environment.

  • Hawaii Superferry uses significantly less fuel per passenger than a jet aircraft.
  • The ship’s engines are clean and efficient, meeting or exceeding emissions standards set by the EPA and the IMO.
  • And we’ve built efficiencies into every aspect of the vessel, from reflective glass that keeps cooling costs down—all the way to the energy efficient lightbulbs in our fixtures.

There is no more energy-efficient way to travel between the islands.


All checked and carried-on baggage, as well as, vehicles and their compartments are subject to screening. Travel of propogated plants and plant parts must be accompanied by an Hawaii Department of Agriculture certificate of inspection.

Hawaii Superferry staff will train thoroughly with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to perform all screenings. 


Although Hawaii Superferry rides the seas, we have paid close attention to our impact on the land, too. We conducted extensive independent traffic studies and have calibrated our schedule to avoid busiest traffic times in each port of call. Our own port facilities are large enough to accommodate as many vehicles as can fit on the ship, so there will be no traffic delays on the roadways. And we will have dedicated staff to manage traffic flow for arriving and departing vehicles, to help keep everyone moving smoothly from the first moment they’re in our care to the last.

Water Pollution

Just as important as protecting whales and other marine life from injury is protecting the waters where they dwell from becoming polluted. Many are surprised to learn that our ferries discharge no wastewater into the ocean. 100% of wastewater is held in tanks and eventually pumped to wastewater systems in Honolulu for processing. And we’re concerned about freshwater, too. From special dishwashers to low-flow toilets, we are doing our part to conserve this precious resource.

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