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Conservation. Preservation. Communication.

Hawaii residents are rightly concerned about protecting our precious land and oceans. We’re concerned, too. We have enlisted experts in every branch of environmental studies, on every island we’ll serve, to advise us how to be the most eco-friendly company we can be. We have held many meetings with Hawaii residents to address their concerns, and learn and improve our services.

The result is a ferry service that will exist in harmony with the environment and offer a fuel-efficient, ecologically sound form of transportation for all of Hawaii’s residents and visitors.

Click below to read about how we are handling important environmental issues related to the ferry:

Whale Avoidance

We actively work with whale experts to enforce a Whale Avoidance Policy that is stricter than existing federal regulations in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands National Humpback Whale Sanctuary Advisory Council supports our policies and procedures. >> Read more...PDF

Our routes concentrate primarily in deep waters where there are fewer whales. We’ll change our routes during whale season to avoid higher density areas (particularly in the Maui area and around Penguin Banks). >> Read more...

Invasive Species

Hawaii Superferry has collaborated with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and invasive species experts from around the islands in developing policies and procedures that go beyond those required by state rules or Hawaii Department of Agriculture regulations in an effort to help prevent the transport of harmful species from island to island. >>  Read more…

Eco-Friendly Features

For a start, our ferries are more energy efficient than jet airplanes for moving people between islands. Our vessel contains its wastewater and disposes it in the Oahu sewer system to protect our oceans. >> Read more...

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