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Deck Plans

Click below for more information and illustrations of the vessel decks:

  • Bridge Deck: The ship is controlled from this deck.
  • Passenger Deck: Where people lounge in comfortable seats, move around the cabin or just enjoy the view during their crossing.
  • Mezzanine Deck: Passenger cars can park on this deck; the deck can also be raised to accommodate larger vehicles below the maindeck.
  • Main Vehicle Deck: Vehicles drive onto the ferry via this deck.

Bridge Deck

The ship is controlled from the state-of-the-art wheelhouse. During docking the captain has access to each side of the vessel in the bridge wings to port and starboard. At the bow you get a peek down into the mezzanine deck through an opening that lets air flow through the vehicle decks. Passengers are not permitted on the bridge deck.

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Passenger Deck


The Passenger Deck is where people can lounge in comfortable seats, gather around tables to “talk story,” move around the cabin or just enjoy the view. All the way forward is the elegantly furnished Lounge. The center cabin will have large windows, a gift shop and a food service area with cafe seating. There is play area for keiki (children), a game arcade, and several entertainment options including live television and special programming, offering options for everyone. The aft cabin will feature another bar/food service area with cafe seats. The open aft deck offers a place to enjoy the view in the fresh ocean air.

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Mezzanine Deck

Most cars will be parked on the mezzanine vehicle deck. The forward part of this deck is fixed in position but the aft sections can be raised when fewer cars are on board to allow more room for taller vehicles on the main vehicle deck.

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Main Vehicle Deck


Cars and heavier vehicles can be parked on this deck. Using a system of hoistable ramps and mezzanine decks, smaller vehicles are directed to the forward end of the ship where they turn around and are parked facing aft to allow quick off-loading at the destination. Large trucks that cannot turn around will back on so they can depart quickly when the ship docks.

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