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Island Agricultural Product Discount Program

About the Program

We have formed a partnership with the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and Maui County Farm Bureau and have extended a 30 percent discount to qualified farmers and merchants when shipping locally grown and produced goods on Hawaii Superferry.

The new partnership will help Hawaii’s farmers and businesses expand to new markets and provide them with another important mode of daily transportation to efficiently and cost-effectively move their products inter-island, help maintain the sustainability of agri-business in Hawai‘i and provide consumers with more and better produce choices.

The 30 percent discount off of Hawaii Superferry’s vehicle fares applies when qualified farmers and businesses are solely carrying fresh agricultural products grown wholly in Hawai‘i. This includes, but is not limited to, pineapple, sugar, fruits and vegetables, coffee, hay, whole eggs, juices (not in retail cans), macadamia nuts, onions, potatoes, milk, meat and poultry, livestock, flowers, and flowering ornamental plants. Also included are products made from agricultural products grown in the islands, such as processed meats, coffee or poi.

Our ship, the Alakai, is outfitted with onboard reefer plugs that allow refrigerated trucks to maintain the same temperature throughout the voyage, a feature that helps produce maintain a longer shelf life and ensures that only the freshest products are delivered to the consumer.

How to Apply

Farmer or business must apply and qualify for participation in the Island Agricultural Product Discount Program. 

Applications will be available through commercial sales department (808-853-4115) or may be downloaded here. Completed applications must be returned to commercial sales department. There is no charge for the application.

Hawaii Superferry will determine if applicant qualifies for participation in the program. Hawaii Superferry will seek recommendations from the Hawai‘i Farm Bureau Federation regarding whether applicant meets criteria to participate in the Island Agricultural Product Discount Program. 

Qualified farmers or businesses can book through our Commercial Sales department by calling (808) 853-4115.

For more information about the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation, visit their website
For more information about the Maui County Farm Bureau, visit their website

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