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Preventing motion sickness

Preventive Behaviors

  • Pick a seat in mid-section of the ship
  • Face forward and look out of a window
  • Take deep breaths
  • Keep your eyes fixed on the horizon or a stationary point in the distance
  • Avoid reading
  • Get fresh air (the Surf Break Lanai has outdoor seating)
  • Minimize upper body and head movement by lying down or leaning against a headrest
  • Reduce visual stimulation by wearing dark glasses or closing your eyes, sleep if you can
  • Eat lightly before and during travel, avoid spicy or greasy foods
  • Avoid alcohol


Because the motion of our vessel is unlike most other boats and ships you may have ridden, we highly recommend you take a motion sickness remedy well in advance of the voyage - preferably the night before your travel date and more than an hour before boarding. Taking a remedy after you start to feel ill may not help. Try them out a few days beforehand to check for side effects or discuss use with your doctor.

Over the Counter Medications
Several antihistamines are available without a prescription including:

Prescription Medications
Prescription drugs for motion sickness include:

Other Remedies

  • Ginger in the form of powdered root in capsules, candies, cookies, ginger ale or tea may have some benefit. Find out more about ginger and its possible side effects.
  • Acupressure applied to the inside of the wrist (either by direct finger pressure or commercially available wrist bands) seem to help some people.

Recommendations provided by Dr. Vernon Ansdell, who specializes in Travel and Tropical Disease Medicine and heads Kaiser Permanente Hawaii’s Travel Medicine Clinic, which is open to the public.

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