Hawaii Ferry Between Oahu to Maui

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  • When you arrive at the port terminal, you'll be met at the entrance gate by one of our agents and shown which lane to proceed for check-in.
  • At the check-in point, you'll be asked to turn off your engine and pop your hood and trunk for screening.
  • You'll give your boarding pass or booking number to the check-in agent. If you don't have your boarding pass, one will be printed for you by the agent.
  • Identification for all passengers and vehicle documents will then be checked.
  • Before completing your check-in, your vehicle will go through and agriculture screening and you will be asked a few questions about the contents in your vehicle.
  • We'll then scan the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your vehicle and direct you to the vessel loading queue.
  • When it's time to board, one of our agents will direct you onto the vessel and you'll be instructed on where to park your vehicle.
  • Then you'll walk-up one of our stairways to the passenger deck and seating areas.
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