Hawaii Superferry Supports Maui Community with $56,000 in In-Kind Voyages and Sponsorships

HONOLULU – Hawaii Superferry reports that in 2008 the company supported a wide range of nonprofit organizations and charitable causes in Maui with in-kind donations of voyages and sponsorships totaling more than $56,000.

“The residents of Maui have been very supportive of our company and we are glad to give back whenever possible,” said Director of Community Relations and Customer Experience Lani Olds. “Hawaii Superferry will continue seeking out various groups who can benefit from in-kind donations and sponsorships. We recognize that the current economic climate will have an impact on Maui’s nonprofit sector, and we are ready and eager to help whenever possible.”

Hawaii Superferry’s community giving included more than 20 organizations and groups supporting a variety of causes and services, including the environment, preservation of the Hawaiian culture and natural resources, health and wellness, education, the arts,science, youth mentoring, and those with disabilities.