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We have broadened the horizons of interisland group travel. With our drive-on, drive-off capability, bookings such as car clubs, motorcyclists, and sports teams are easily accommodated. No more waiting for the barge to arrive.

Advance reservations and special onboard arrangements for groups of 10 or more are capably handled through our group sales department.

We make the going great for groups with:

  • Advance reservations and ticketing to ensure you get the travel dates you want and any special needs are taken care of prior to departure.
  • Special check-in station set up at the pier for passengers and vehicle security clearances.
  • Section reserved in the passenger deck for group seating.
  • Food vouchers purchased and distributed in advance.
  • Onboard meetings and logistics arranged so the sailing time is used productively.
  • Equipment stored in your vehicle so contents are safe and secure below decks.

Now there’s a choice of travel for going from one island to another. School groups, sports teams, hula halau, and relatives going to a family reunion…we welcome you all onboard the Hawaii Superferry.

For reservations and additional information, call (808) 853-4115 or send us an email.


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