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Hawaii Superferry

Community and Environment

Community Outreach Mission

Regular, Reliable, and Responsible Service to all communities of Hawaii. Our community mission or Responsibility is proudly outlined below and is constantly evolving.

Hawaii Superferry’s desire is to spread goodwill and responsibility amongst each community in the State of Hawaii and the outlying communities.

Presented by the Nature Conservancy

Last Stand: The Vanishing Hawaiian Forest, released in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of Hawaii’s forest reserve system, makes the case for renewing the public-private commitment to forest and watershed protection that sparked the creation of the forest reserve system a century ago.

In celebration of the Hawaii International Year of the Reef (IYOR), a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about the value and importance of coral reefs and threats to their sustainability, we invite you to explore the world of Hawaii's extraordinary coral reefs.

Our Priorities of Being Responsible

  1. Protect Hawaii Economy / Sustainability
    • Give back to local businesses. Goods, services and produce reduces the carbon footprint.
    • Visit the Islands within the State. Voyaging on Hawaii Superferry puts back into Hawaii businesses.
    • Share Aloha with All Visitors. So visitors return.
    • Mitigate Transportation of Invasive Species.
  2. Protect Hawaii Culture and Natural Resources
    • We partner with organizations plus Educate on Hawaii’s Culture and Natural Resources . Take what you need for the day to survive.
    • We also partner with and sponsor events that perpetuate the culture, such as Hawaiian canoeing, etc.
    • Partner with organizations and educate on our Natural Resources relied on for eating, for preparing tools, building of canoes, creating shelter, preparing clothing, cooking, hunting, and living.
  3. Protect Hawaii Marine Life
    • Educate with non-profits for protection of all marine life, endangered species, and the coral reef.
  4. Protect Hawaii Children, Education
    • Perpetuate the Culture by educating and supporting organizations that strive to educate Hawaii’s children.
    • Educate on all levels and topics to create strong future leaders
  5. Protect Hawaii People, Health and Wellness
    • Contribute to multiple organizations that contribute to the overall health and wellness of the people
  6. Protect Hawaii Environment
    • Recycle Program
    • Reduce Carbon Footprint
    • Buy “Made in Hawaii” whenever possible 

What Are We Doing To Be Responsible

Whale Avoidance

  • Avoids operating within the Sanctuary or in waters less than 100 fathoms from January 1 to April 30 unless Captain determines it necessary in the interest of passenger safety and comfort or vessel safety, in which case vessel speed will not exceed 25 knots.  Reports documented vessel logbook entries of such instances to DOT and DLNR.
  • Committed to slower speeds in areas where whale concentrations are greatest.
  • Utilizes high tech motion-stabilized and night vision equipment, radar and bow mounted cameras to enhance whale lookout and avoidance.
  • Assigns two dedicated crew members as whale lookouts year round, in addition to three regular bridge officers responsible for keeping a lookout to ensure safe navigation.

Invasive Species

  • Implemented the state’s most thorough standard of 100% screening of cars to be transported.
  • Is the only company in the transportation industry that conducts agricultural screening of every interisland passenger.
  • Established policy prohibiting transport of muddy vehicles, or those with caked dirt.
  • Makes boot scrubbers available at each of its pier facilities.

Tips for Travelers

  • Protect the Environment =  Travelers (locals or visitors) do not disturb the environment, picking up trash when leaving a beach park, not stepping on reefs, stop fishing nets and getting entangled on marine life.
  • Learn Local Cultures – Learn authentic cultural experiences.  Engage Travelers.
  • Support Local Communities – Purchasing local products & produce
  • Mitigate the transportation of Invasive species.
  • Volunteer – As a visitor (local or non-local) there are many ways to volunteer for a few hours and learn a great deal about Hawaii, or, walk down a beach and pick-up trash.

Working Together

100+ Organization types we created, continue to work with, and/or outreach programs to assist them with raising funds for their great cause and mission:

  • Hawaii Superferry’s Manta Explorer Program
  • Hawaiian Cultural Organizations – Language & History
  • Hula Halau’s – Art and Dance
  • Hawaiian Canoeing Associations, Regattas, Events - Sports
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Tournaments
  • Home Building Volunteerism Programs
  • Agriculture
  • Children’s Charities
  • Professional Organizations
  • Clinics\Health Projects – providing travel to islands
  • Film Festivals
  • Foster Programs
  • Chamber Events
  • Economic Development Boards
  • Crime Operations – Protecting Hawaii
  • Marine Life Organizations
  • Shelters
  • Community Associations
  • County Fairs

Hawaii Vendors

Current Hawaii Vendors on Hawaii Superferry (updated periodically).

For more information about becoming a vendor on Hawaii Superferry, download the Vendor Information Sheet (PDF).

  • Art by Marionette, Kauai
  • Big Island Delights, Big Island
  • Island Heritage, Oahu
  • Art by Marionette, Kauai
  • Aunty Lilikoi Products, Kauai
  • Bess Press, Oahu
  • Big Island Delights, Big Island
  • Blue Kalo, Big Island
  • Carren Photography, Oahu
  • D&J Specialties, Oahu
  • Denise Tjarks, Kauai
  • Diamond Head Frames, Oahu
  • For the Sea Productions, Big Island
  • Hawaii Bookmark, Big Island
  • Hawaiian Classic Perfumes, Maui
  • Hawaiian Health Ohana, Kauai
  • Hi-Look, Inc. , California
  • Holly’s Hawaiian Dressing, Big Island
  • Honolulu Advertiser, Oahu
  • Hula Cookies & Ice Cream, Maui
  • Island Essence, Maui
  • Island Girl Coffee, Big Island
  • Island Heritage, Oahu
  • Island Princess, Oahu
  • Island Soap & Candle Works, Kauai
  • Island Woodworks, Kauai
  • Johnson Brothers of Hawaii, LLC, Big Island
  • Kamaaina Distribution, Oahu
  • Keiki Kovers, Kauai
  • Kona Natural Soap Co., Big Island
  • Kona Potato Chips, Big Island
  • Lanikai Sugar Company, Oahu
  • M and N Treats, Oahu
  • Maui Babe Browning Lotion, Maui
  • Maui No Ka OI Magazine, Maui
  • Maui Tropical Soaps, Maui
  • Mountain Apple Company, Oahu
  • Naturally Hawaiian, Oahu
  • Oils of Aloha, Oahu
  • Rainbow Falls Connection, Big Island
  • Shaka Shoes, Big Island
  • Surfing Goat Dairy, Maui
  • Taste of Hanalei, Kauai
  • Volcano Island Honey Co., Big Island
  • Wayne Berger Prints, Big Island
  • Wow Wee Maui's Candy Bar, Maui


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